Metallica and Lou Reed
Despite reaction here and elsewhere that’s, um, less than enthusiastic, I’m realizing now I’m gonna have to get this.
And it’s not the 6/10 review in the latest issue of Spin that’s convincing me, either. I mean, the guy who wrote the thing probably liked Re-Load.
And though the cross-pollination thang is attractive to me, that’s not it, either.
No, the reason why I’m going to have to give this a chance is that I’m seeing most of Metallica’s fans slagging this, and all the Velvet Underground’s fans doing worse–and then thinking they’re being so fucking clever. In the face of such universally stentorian and utterly predictable reaction to Lulu, I want to be the one who will flex his head and say “I can get past the expectations. I can like this.”
Though to be honest, what I want doesn’t matter: it will probably suck.


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