Just watched this, part two after 24 Hour Party People in my ongoing Joy Division film festival.

Don’t know the truth, wasn’t there, not even really a fan of the band, but Control doesn’t really have much new to say about the life of a suicide, unequivocally portraying Ian Curtis as a coward, albeit a sensitive and intelligent one.

Sadly, I found some similarities in my character and in the Curtis Corbijn wished to portray, and not just because I have a history of epilepsy. When Debbie confronts Ian about Annik, Ian doesn’t even have the yarbles to answer Debbie’s single question. He just stands there speechlessly staring at her, passive and aggressive and craven, until the awful moment he refuses to confront goes away for him. I’ve never cheated, probably never could cheat, but Curtis’ cowardly behavior reminded me so much of myself, just as I get into other confrontations, domestically and professionally, I found watching the scene very unsettling.
Kind of sucks.
But good movie, better than 24 Hour.


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