Scanned (like the Rollins earlier) from my copy of Our Band Could Be Your Life, everything visual I see from them, every fucking interview I read with them just pisses me off more.

I mean, fuck this La Mont Young business. That kind of stuff is for them. Like when they’re at someone’s house drinking or smoking or whatever and the subject of the promo photo comes up, they can say “that was in front of Lamont Young’s old apartment you know, so that was pretty cool… .” and they could chuckle while passing the bong or the bottle.

But when they *leave instructions* with the author or the editor of a fucking book to *make sure and mention* that this Stupid. Fucking. Promo. Photo. was taken in front blah blah blah, all it does is explain to me how desperately they want to be perceived as intelligent or understood as cool.

It’s fucking pathetic. This has nothing to do with Young himself nor his music, I’ve heard a little bit and it definitely seems up my alley. And I loved Sonic Youth for a long time and still think that most of their music is great. SY are so careful to let the world know that they love punk rock, yet punk’s greatest fucking lesson is that *you shouldn’t care* what the fuck people think about you!

I’ll admit it’s my thing this month, and I need to let it go, but fuck, you know? …


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